Masterclass in Authentic Leadership with Jacinda Ardern

Great leaders are exceptional communicator as evidenced by New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Over the last few years, I've been showcasing Jacinda Ardern as an exemplary leader in my various executive presence programs, including at the Monash Business School. 

Time and again, Ardern articulates a clear message with just the right mix of authority, humanity and believability. This is a critical skill that eludes so many politicians the world over.

I was so impressed when she recently did a 'check-in' video call to her nation. From the confines of her home, straight after putting her toddler to bed, wearing her comfy house clothes she; explained why the strict lockdown was so crucial, acknowledged it was really tough, clearly explained the data, reassured her people and then closed with her powerful key message "stay home, break the chain, save lives".

This was stripped back, authentic leadership in action. It was as real as it gets, no-pretence, no...

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