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Leadium has a suite of training programs that can be delivered in various formats. From blended learning to digital masterclasses, on-demand courses to personalised coaching, we will design a program to best meet your needs. 

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Elevating Leadership: Signal Gravitas & Self-leadership

Leaders need the right tools and mindset to accelerate workplace change. This program will build your presence, stamina and impact.

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Women Leading Change: Amplify Confidence & Impact

Women drive positive change more effectively when they develop unshakable self belief. Elevating impact starts within.

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21 Day Recharge: Let's Reboot Your Team!

Studies confirm that mindful microbreaks improve productivity, vitality and workplace safety. Let's embed this healthy habit with your team.

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Connected Teams: Build a high-trust, high-performance culture

Connection and cohesion underpin thriving teams. Harnessing the validate behavioural profiling tool Everything DiSC™, let's strengthen your team's trust, rapport and accountability.

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Customise your program

Leadium's programs apply learning design principles to drive effective behavioural change. Let's work together to design the optimal learning experience for you or your team. 

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