Your job is demanding. Time is scarce and you need to grow as a leader. Imagine accessing an assembly of experts who offer you wise counsel on the burning issues that you're tackling. Well, you can. 

The Sage Program

Personalised leadership advancement for busy, ambitious leaders.

Customised. Holistic. Efficient. 

Introducing Sage

Sage is Leadium’s premium leadership development program. Highly personalised and efficient, we will curate a 4-6 month customised program for you. It will address your leadership development challenges which we will identify, together.

Under the guidance of seasoned experts, each with decades of experience, you will get 'sage advice' on your current workplace challenges. You will advance your leadership skills as you apply the learning.

The program is centred around twelve one-on-one live, virtual sessions, a learning format that busy leaders tell us they prefer.


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Access expert advice on critical issues

You don't have to go it alone. Gain meaningful support from deep experts on the burning issues you face. 

Increase confidence, focus & composure

Staying focused, calm and confident is a priority for 69% of leaders.* Make working mindfully your 'new normal'.

Boost energy, offset exhaustion

Get real support to embed proven energy management strategies so that you've got vitality and clarity. 

Curating the Sage Sessions

The first priority of Sage is to hone in on your development areas and front-of-mind issues. Our Executive Coach, Kristina Revenda guides you through this discovery process. 

Then will curate your ‘Sage Sessions’ focused on your specific leadership goals. You will be partnered with the right Leadium experts who bring deep knowledge including:

  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Executive presence and high impact presentations
  • Individual and team wellness and mental fitness
  • Enabling high performance, engagement and results
  • Building connected and psychologically safe teams
  • Building strategic and operational capacity
  • Designing talent strategies to maximise inclusion and pipeline health
  • Leadership narrative and harnessing storytelling

For example, if you need to negotiate a deal you will have a series of one-hour Sage Sessions with Dr Anne Lytle. Anne has been training leaders in the science of negotiation for over 20 years. If you need to deliver a keynote or elevate your executive presence, you will have sessions with Leadium Director, Sharon Longridge. If we identify workforce issues, you'll be mentored by one of our people leader experts Melissa McGowan or Sharyn Coughlan. 


Access the counsel of experts and rapidly advance your leadership

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It can be lonely at the top

As you advance in your career you don't always have the answers to the complex problems you’re navigating. Yet it's expected that you do. Timely and appropriate coaching and mentoring support aren’t always available in-house.

Sage will rapidly accelerate your leadership capability. This customised program will ensure that you learn what you need, as you explore burning issues, with a counsel of wise and supportive experts.

Your time and energy are precious. Every moment of this program will be firmly focused on elevating and enabling you.

* Leadium's 2020 Leadership Reflection Survey

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Access the Mindful Leader's Toolkit

Your wellness and energy management will also be in focus. The evidence is clear, they underpin your sustained performance.

Our clients gain access to our digital suite the Mindful Leader's Toolkit. Portable and practical, it features over 12 mind performance tools. Ranging from just over a minute to mostly 5 minutes long, they boost wellness, performance and confidence. 

Diverse leaders spanning financial services, the energy sector, aviation, technology, human services, health and education have benefited greatly from these tools. You can access them too. 


“There are many things that you can do to improve yourself as a leader, as a professional, but these mind performance tools are very quick, they're so easy and they're so effective. They have an impact on your professional life immediately."

Chaya Bratoeva
Director Design and Delivery

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