Are to feeling depleted but find it hard to stop?  

Would you like to feel more focused, confident and calm? 


Introducing the Mindful Leader's Toolkit

We have a refreshingly simple approach to helping our clients build focus plus emotional and physical stamina. It's practical, portable and evidence-based.

Refine your mind 

Available on-demand, the Mindful Leader's Toolkit features over 12 guided mind performance practices. Designed for time-poor professionals, these tools boost wellness, performance and confidence. 


Small breaks = big wins

Taking mindful micro-breaks after focused work is a proven energy management strategy. They boost vitality, improve concentration and reduce workplace injuries. The Mindful Leader's Toolkit makes this positive habit easy. 


Look inwards to lead outwards

To lead others, you must first look inward. When we are stressed we tend to revert to less healthy patterns of leadership. With the Mindful Leader's Toolkit, you will elevate your awareness and performance one micro-break at a time. 
Boost your composure now

A client's experience


The burnout risk

Many professionals are struggling. They are working harder and they are worried about mental wellness.*

In high-demand workplaces people can't always recover between stressful events. Stress can accumulate and lead to exhaustion and burnout.

This occupational hazard is costly. Mental wellness underpins performance. It needs to be a priority.

Micro-breaks offset stress

Fortunately, punctuating hectic days with relaxation or mindfulness techniques offsets workplace stressors. 

Studies* confirm that taking 5-10 minute micro-breaks boosts vitality, aids concentration and reduces workplace injuries. 

This micro-behaviour is a proven energy management strategy which builds stress resilience.*

Intelligent workflows

Embedding this science into daily workflows is the challenge. The Mindful Leader’s Toolkit easily enables smarter, safer work practices.

The 12 mind performance tools close the gap between the theory and the practice of micro-breaks.

These concise, guided audio practices support busy professionals to pause, recharge and refocus. 

Avoid overwhelm & boost wellness

This toolkit is perfect for you if you're under pressure and are:

  • Feeling depleted: A consequence of uncertainty, demands and change     
  • Working hardFace productivity pressures and find it hard to down tools
  • At risk of burnout: Are showing signs of fatigue and decreased motivation
  • Ready to back yourself: Recognise mental habits that undermine your confidence

If you relate you're far from alone. Building confidence and boosting productivity is a priority for nearly 70% of our 2020 Leadership Reflection Survey* respondents.  A third are concerned about their own stress, mental health and wellbeing. Over 70% want to lead more mindfully. 

Would your team benefit from these tools?

Build composure, confidence and focus now

Mindful Leader's Toolkit annual subscription

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Mindful Leader's Toolkit - Lifetime Access special offer

$349 AUD
Leadium's 2020 Leadership Reflection Survey
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