Mindful Leader's Toolkit

Portable, practical tools to build mental wellbeing and performance 

The practical toolkit time-poor professionals need right now

We are delighted to introduce the Mindful Leader’s Toolkit.
Our work-life is more complex than ever. The massive uncertainties we face are disquieting. Many leaders are struggling.
This portable, practical toolkit features over 12 guided mind performance practices. They boost wellness, performance and confidence. 
Designed especially for busy professionals, these on-demand tools range from just over a minute to mostly 5 minutes long. 

The science behind the toolkit

The burnout risk

Many leaders are struggling right now. They are working harder and they are worried about their team’s mental wellness and their own.*

In high-demand workplaces people can't always recover between stressful events. Stress can accumulate and lead to exhaustion and burnout.

This occupational hazard is costly. Mental wellness underpins performance. It needs to be a priority.

Microbreaks offset stress

Fortunately, punctuating hectic days with relaxation or mindfulness techniques can offset workplace stressors. 

Various studies* confirm that taking 5 - 10 minute microbreaks boosts vitality, aids concentration and reduces workplace injuries. 

This micro-behaviour is a proven energy management strategy which builds resilience to stress.*

Intelligent workflows

Embedding this science into daily workflows is the challenge. The Mindful Leader’s Toolkit easily enables smarter, safer work practices.

The 12+ mind performance tools close the gap between the theory and the practice of microbreaks.

These concise tools support professionals to recharge, adapt and stay focused and calm.

Avoid overwhelm and burnout

This toolkit is perfect for you if you are under pressure and are:

  • Emotionally exhausted: A consequence of uncertainty, adaptation and change     
  • Working excessively: Face productivity pressures and find it hard to down tools
  • Need more support: Would value more help to stay focused, flexible and buoyant
  • At risk of burnout: Are showing signs of fatigue and decreased motivation

Nearly half of our 2020 Leadership Reflection Survey* respondents are concerned about their teams' stress, mental health and wellbeing. This includes managing fatigue. Building confidence is a priority for 68% of respondents. 

Invest in your wellness now

Access a dozen on-demand tools anytime

From the client's perspective


Empower and recharge your team

Leadium partners with leaders and their teams to build sustained performance. Let's discuss your specific needs and design a program to address them. 
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Leadium's 2020 Leadership Reflection Survey
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Norouzi A (2020) Employee One-Minute Mindful Breathing Microbreaks for Present-Moment Attention, Recovery, and Well-Being

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