Virtual Communications webinar for the Clean Energy Council

Partnership with the Clean Energy Council

Leadium is delighted to partner with the peak body, the Clean Energy Council to support their members to communicate more skilfully while working remotely.

With an unprecedented number of people working remotely, communication has moved from face-to-face to mostly video conferencing. This brings its own set of challenges. Without the usual in-person cues and clues, sharing ideas, making tough decisions and driving change can be difficult. It’s harder to stay focused, claiming airtime can be tricky and miscommunication is more common. 

High Impact Virtual Communications webinar

The Clean Energy Council's Women in Renewables program is supporting their members during this challenging time and are inviting both men and women to come and learn from Leadium Director, Sharon Longridge.

Sharon will be facilitating an insightful and practical webinar that will support members to sharpen their virtual communication skills. Participants will learn strategies to avoid the pitfalls and amplify their impact when communicating remotely. Topics covered will include:

  • Spotting the barriers when communicating remotely
  • Adopting power meeting protocols
  • Honing your ability to be attentive and receptive
  • Crafting more compelling messages

Ubiquitous platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and Skype are changing the way we connect and collaborate. In response, professionals need to adapt and refine how they engage with colleagues and clients across this digital channel. 

Contact us if your team would also benefit from this skills development. 


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