Growing Mental Stamina podcast

Are you running on empty? I don't mean you just need a decent nights sleep or two, rather do you have a deeper sense of exhaustion or fatigue?  We are pre-occupied by your energy levels at Leadium and for good reason. Energy management and vitality are foundational to performance and life satisfaction. 

I was delighted to be interviewed by seasoned HR professional Melissa McGowan recently and we explored the science of stamina. Melissa has over twenty years of experience and cumulative wisdom leading People and Culture teams. She has recently launched her inspiring Go To Grow podcast featuring wide-reaching interviews spanning the growth offered by parenting, inclusive workplaces, living with breast cancer and the power of moving. Melissa and I had a highly relevant conversation on growing mental stamina at work and it's implications for every busy professional. Some of the topics we cover include: 

  • Seeking out ease in our working life
  • Unlearning mental mutilation and befriending the mind
  • Managing mental stamina as a priority of leaders
  • Unsustainable job design and burnout
  • Navigating the paradoxical nature of stress

I encourage you to tune in.

Go to Grow Your Mental Stamina

Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. We focus on physical stamina and increasingly realise that mental stamina is just as important to high performance and is the difference between surviving and really thriving (performance, creativity and certainly connections). 

As leaders and parents, it has become a much needed daily practice and without it we can make poor decisions, get stuck in the red zone, yell at the kids, beat ourselves up, loose perspective and feel so drained.  The opposite of what many of us want.  



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