Connected Teams

Build a high-trust, high-performance team

Build a truly connected team

Do you have some strong personalities on your team? Perhaps people with different communications styles resulting in messages being misinterpreted

Ignoring subtle and significant tension-points within a team is corrosive and costly. If you’re finding that interpersonal dynamics are impacting your team’s effectiveness, it's time to take action.

Team connectedness and cohesion underpin thriving, high performance cultures. Leadium uses the globally recognised profiling tool Everything DiSC® to support leaders and their teams to build deeper and more effective relationships at work.


70% of leaders say it’s a priority is to build connected and strengths-based teams.1  


Everything DiSC® is a highly effective, strengths-based, behavioural profiling tool.  It’s practical, helpful and teams enjoy using it.

Through this process each team member learns their ‘DiSC style’. This provides critical insights into their workplace behaviours and preferences. They develop an action plan to strengthen team work with co-workers with different styles. Additional strategies for optimising group dynamics are explored. This results in:

  • Teams that know and relate to each other better
  • Improved communication and navigating conflict more skilfully
  • Greater trust and rapport within new, forming and established teams, working remotely or co-located
  • More empathetic, connected teams that value and respect diversity
  • Deeper engagement and more effective collaboration
  • Behavioural change through team accountability

If your priority is improved workplace results through better relationships, productive conflict and clearer communication, let’s make time to discuss your needs. Everything DiSC® is a proven tool that has strengthened the teamwork of millions of busy professionals, globally. Your team can be next.  

1: Interim Leadership Reflection Survey, Leadium 2020 

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