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Central to securing your next senior leadership role is showcasing your expertise, emanating confidence and performing powerfully in the job interview. Our top-tier interview coaching will enable you to position yourself as a stand-out candidate.

Your Career Narrative

Get expert support to sharpen your career narrative so that you can powerfully showcase your leadership acumen. Receive practical guidance around taking conversational control and optimising your interview responses.

Your Internal Narrative

Also key to your career advancement is genuinely backing yourself. When you tame your inner critic and build deeper self-belief, you are more congruent and emanate greater presence.

Drawing on neuroscience and mindfulness, you will receive a personalised Priming for Performance brain-training practice to do in the period leading up to your interview. Many clients report that this dimension of the preparation is extremely helpful.

We will work through our Showcasing Yourself Successfully methodology which covers:

  • Honing your leadership narrative
  • Powerfully showcasing your expertise and capability
  • Structuring your responses applying behavioural interviewing techniques
  • Aligning your mind with your career aspirations 
  • Refining your delivery and performance 

This targeted and empowering coaching will ensure your preparation for the interview is highly efficient and purposeful. Ideally we will undertake this coaching several weeks before the interview. 

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"Sharon provided her expertise, empowerment and passion by preparing me for interview in my first executive role. Sharon's level of engagement and charismatic style enabled me to visualise the pitch and structure my responses for the interview. To top it all off I was successful through a rigorous interview process... I can absolutely recommend Sharon for her ability to coach and inspire leaders to step up, back themselves and take on the next career challenge."
Shannon Wight
Clinical Service Director, Eastern Health
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Convenient format, flexible scheduling

This one-on-one coaching takes place using the convenient video conference platform Zoom. Sessions can be scheduled out-of-hours if that is most convenient. 

Generally the coaching occurs over two x two hour sessions. Clients are required to do structured interview preparation in between the sessions.  

As part of your preparation you will receive a personalised mindfulness practice. You will be encouraged to do this practice daily to align your mind with your career aspirations.


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