Boost Your Brain and Wellness

Strengthen your mental composure & focus in less than 10 mins/ day

Build your internal bandwidth 

To fortify your resilience and boost your mental composure you need to manage your glorious mind.

Boost Your Brain and Wellness is a micro-training program for busy professionals. It will nudge you do a short guided mindfulness practice daily for one month.

Our suite of 5 minute guided practices will build your store of inner resources. This efficient and enjoyable program is anchored in evidence. It will support you to establish the daily ritual of mindfulness practice.

Key benefits from this program:

  • Build your wellness and mental composure
  • Increase your stress tolerance
  • Reduce negative and unhelpful thought patterns
  • Feel less irritated and more calm
  • Be more adaptive and mentally flexible
  • Building a positive habit of taking a mindful micro-break daily
  • Training your brain to hardwire psychological resilience

Drawing on neuroscience and mindfulness, this popular program is simple and effective. Register now and enjoy the benefits of a daily mindful micro-break.

Mindful micro-breaks are a proven way for busy people to replenish their energy and improve their ability to stay focused.

"I have completed the Boost program and I enjoyed it immensely. What a great way to take a few minutes for myself. The guided practices were fantastic and I continue to go back to them daily. Easy to use, a great way to kick off every day. Loved the theory you share at the start of each practice, understanding the benefits makes them even more impactful."


Joanna Lloyd, ANZ Talent Manager, ITW Construction 


Build your mental composure in less than 10 mins/day.

We will support you to embed the positive habit of daily mindfulness practice. It's a tried and tested way to build your resilience.  

What will I receive?

Access evidence-based insights and techniques that will improve your mental composure, stress tolerance and ability to focus on what matters.

  • Four modules which pivot around a 5-minute brain-training practice
  • Evidence-based insights into your mind at work
  • The Boost your Brain and Wellness Ebook
  • Regular prompts to do your daily guided practice daily 
  • 12 months access to the content*
  • Access to the Leadium Podcast 'Expert Insights' series
  • Bonus guided practice to increase your mental agility

Join the pantheon of professionals who elevate their performance through mindfulness. This program is part of our blended learning offering.

Boost your wellness now

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