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Lead from within. Signal Gravitas. Drive positive change.

Let's equip your leaders to skilfully meet immediate and future challenges.

Our flagship program builds exceptional leaders. They learn to embody the traits that underpin executive presence. The evidence confirms that leaders with the 'X' factor signal gravitas, model self-leadership, command the room and build high-performance teams.

This dynamic, blended program will captivate your leaders and enable them to cultivates these coveted attributes:

  • ADAPTABLE: Model flexibility, curiosity and empathy which builds connections
  • MINDFUL: Project confidence, composure and focus on what matters
  • PERSUASIVE: Communicate with impact and engage their audience
  • RESILIENT: Signal positive energy and maintain their stamina through self-care
  • DYNAMIC: Command the room and make a lasting positive impression
  • INTEGRATED: Integrate new skills and mindsets; emanate authentic presence 

Your leaders will be stimulated, stretched and supported. Our learning design is firmly geared towards sustained behaviour change. This is enabled through one-on-one coaching and peer mentoring where participants collaborate on a project and apply concepts and techniques. This social learning strengthens team connectedness, trust and cohesion.


Let's elevate your leaders

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Let's discuss your specific needs. We will design your leadership program so that it hits the mark.

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Potential into performance

From board meetings and on-the-spot feedback to conference keynotes and coaching conversations, let's ensure that every exchange elevates your leadership impact.

The Program Director, Sharon Longridge, is an authority on self-leadership and executive presence. Taking a holistic and evidence-based approach, she has coached thousands of leaders to align their leadership behaviours with their career aspirations.

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"Sharon works with the Qantas Group across her specialities, but across 2016- 2017 she was specifically integral to the success of our Executive and Senior Leader Development programs. These programs won the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Rob Goffee Leadership Development Award in 2017 and Sharon’s expertise was key to this. Her consultation was effective, efficient and therefore her proposed solutions were fit for purpose and facilitated a session that was a highlight of the 3-6 month blended journey-program. She integrated mindfulness and growth mindset concepts into her sessions and has a lasting reputation across the organisation for her skill and coaching. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Sharon."

Colleen Deagan
Senior Manager, Leadership Development, Qantas Group

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